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I have a mix of talents. I know a lot of Ngers :D I love this community and work on my own projects all the time. I wish to make a business that helps all artists get a startup into their own company. :D I animate, voiceact, design, write, draw, and work

David Czerkies @Zerksisms

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College and still going...


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All about community and love!

To be honest, and straight-forward I feel newgrounds needs more recognition. I want to make some videos about newgrounds and it's community. It's been hard to find the time working full-time and my phone going to shit on the constant, however, this website means everything to me. If we had a donate button. I would try to keep it running. Seriously this site has been with me since I was 13 and I'm 23 now. I believe in the community the only thing that has changed is social media marketing, and media in itself. Seriously! this website is amazing. It helps show the support and love of so many people. I seriously want everyone of you mother fuckers to keep at your art, animation, craft of any kind. Spreading the love and knowledge and making things happen is part of this community! So if you want to be a part of this community please!!!! please help out and be a support! Help out other animators! and etc. people in the community! Fuck, I mean I already know most of you are trying your fucking hardest working at this community just because you care. Honestly, Speak your mind. You are the future generation and you make of it how you want. So please support whatever causes you choose, but I must say help! support newgrounds! for the amazing community that it is! They are trying their hardest constantly to reach people! And the only thing that keeps them from full expand of the internet. Is Net neautrality, and alot of other crazy things going on! please If you are a big artist a supporter, a lover of all that is newgrounds and want to help indie internet and indie groups strive please!!! Do all you can a #share a #like a fucking hashtag helps on some sites! If you want to talk or would like to communitcate about something please email me or message me! This community is amazing! All of you keep striving forward! If you want to be a V.a, Animator, special fx animator, artist, any kind of artist please, Keep doing what you love!


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Brains Scattered

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