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I have a mix of talents. I know a lot of Ngers :D I love this community and work on my own projects all the time. I wish to make a business that helps all artists get a startup into their own company. :D I animate, voiceact, design, write, draw, and work

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Posted by Zerksisms - February 28th, 2021

HELLO NEWGROUNDS!!! YES!! You amazing fans and followers anyone that is still a creative and working on their art endeavours. KEEP POSITIVE AND STRIVING forward!

I am so excited to jump back on and see some awesome stuff. I already have seen some awesome animators and artists please feel free to message me I will respond and take a look at stuff whenever I jump on :D



Posted by Zerksisms - February 18th, 2017


All about community and love!

To be honest, and straight-forward I feel newgrounds needs more recognition. I want to make some videos about newgrounds and it's community. It's been hard to find the time working full-time and my phone going to shit on the constant, however, this website means everything to me. If we had a donate button. I would try to keep it running. Seriously this site has been with me since I was 13 and I'm 23 now. I believe in the community the only thing that has changed is social media marketing, and media in itself. Seriously! this website is amazing. It helps show the support and love of so many people. I seriously want everyone of you mother fuckers to keep at your art, animation, craft of any kind. Spreading the love and knowledge and making things happen is part of this community! So if you want to be a part of this community please!!!! please help out and be a support! Help out other animators! and etc. people in the community! Fuck, I mean I already know most of you are trying your fucking hardest working at this community just because you care. Honestly, Speak your mind. You are the future generation and you make of it how you want. So please support whatever causes you choose, but I must say help! support newgrounds! for the amazing community that it is! They are trying their hardest constantly to reach people! And the only thing that keeps them from full expand of the internet. Is Net neautrality, and alot of other crazy things going on! please If you are a big artist a supporter, a lover of all that is newgrounds and want to help indie internet and indie groups strive please!!! Do all you can a #share a #like a fucking hashtag helps on some sites! If you want to talk or would like to communitcate about something please email me or message me! This community is amazing! All of you keep striving forward! If you want to be a V.a, Animator, special fx animator, artist, any kind of artist please, Keep doing what you love!


Posted by Zerksisms - October 17th, 2016


I've been working on a multitude of projects, My girlfriend and I plan to both work on a voice demo reel together, I also have a voice demo reel of my own I am working on.

I've been working on my interview projects in a different way trying to figure out the best way to interview, in the sense of getting better at speaking in general, and also trying to figure out how to go about adding video with some people that I will be interviewing because its a range of people I am interviewing, Artists, musicians, devs. V/a's and alot of other mixed media creative people.

I hope to have an interview done by this month if not this month then beginning of November.

I am trying to advance in my drawing skills, and animation skills. I truly look back at my work alot, and have noticed a lot of difference. I'm hoping to improve alot before working on something bigger and practice more often.

I am working on my youtube channel putting up game guides and mix of random things, such as helping people out with video and audio editting.


Since I have been working full-time its been really hard, but I am trying my best to prioritize my time and work with the people around me to get a better result in everything. In the workplace alot has happened so I am trying to make the best of my situations. I am physically exhausted everyday because its manual labor kind of work. 

I am paying off my court fees due to a stupid mistake I made last year september. 

I'm learning alot and want to do my best to work with people online and learn and expand as much as I can I appreciate anyone ever reading my posts and caring. I hope that all of you are having good days and staying positive through all the shit we deal with everyday your all awesome for supporting newgrounds and being here so thank you! Because the community needs our help and alot of us are doing are best!

Posted by Zerksisms - September 28th, 2016

Personal Update:


I started working full-time, as well as I have been working on getting alot of things to workout for myself and everything going on in my life.



I'm working on updating more to my youtube channel, I plan to make more animations as well as other kinds of videos I've been helping people out with editting and other projects.

I am working on a project with a coworker with a pilot for "Adult Swim" with the animation and all those processes.

I'm working on making a new voice demo reel for both myself and my girlfriend, the first attempt turned into a script for an animation that alot of people found really interesting and badass. Which made me super happy to hear.

I am working on my interview project more and I'm planning on scheduling and setting up my questions to get this project set in motion after my interview with ThePivotsXXD I learned alot so I am working hard at making this project the best it can be, for the next person I am interviewing.

I do plan to animate more I am refreshing my memory by replaying Deadrising. I made a project years ago about deadrising for a parody animation. I am playing it to get a feel for the animation Idea I had a long time ago which I plan to pursue it.


I hope you all like my content I hope you are all reading this and staying active newgrounds is an amazing place keep on the support and lets all work together to support this community.



Game grumps has been trying to connect with Wendy's for a while I have been making alot of phone calls talking to reps and working alot on trying to make it a reality just so you know I might have helped this actually happen. :D

Posted by Zerksisms - September 6th, 2016

Hey there everybody that pays attention to the randoms like me :D

Currently, I am working on three main projects. 

My coworker wants to make a pilot for a script he wrote, So I am helping him make the animatic and setting everything up the best I can. I am pretty much producing the rest of his concepts and making them happen. This project is about a 10 to 15 min animation. I am going to be doing alot of groundwork stuff and I will keep you updated with that as time comes.


In another aspect of animation, I have been working on this trippy animation for a while part of it has a game grumps intro in it, but I plan to make it twist and get a little bit more intense and turn it into a halloween animation for when halloween comes around.


In the sense of my last project, I am researching and writing out interview questions for my next interview the user my only hint to you his name starts with "C" will be in the works an hopefully done closer to the end of this month.


I am working on a number of things, and soon I will be working full-time. This means my time is going to become very important to me. I plan to work my ass off and make things happen in the next upcoming year. I have been more active on other sites then newgrounds, but I plan to be more active now. I just finished some voice work for a person that found me through here and plan to make a new voice demo reel with my setup very soon. I will guarentee you that it will be much better then my last demo which is on my other account on here DCzerkies42 :D


Hope you are all having a good day and keep spreading the words about newgrounds and its badassery :D


Posted by Zerksisms - September 2nd, 2016

Hey there you badass mofos!! :D

Just so you know, this account was created bcause I totally forgot my old email password and shit, I found out it was hacked so I made a new email and have been using it since. My old Newgrounds username was changed a few times as well.

I went by: Lazydave42, Lazyass23, then DCzerkies42, and this is my main name I truly love and don't want to change.


Interviewing Projects:

I recently interviewed Jordan Comeaux Aka ThePivotsXXD, which can be found in the link below.


He was one of the first responders, and I honestly wanted to do my best to have fun and work on my audio editting and see if I could put together something interesting. The interview was fun and enjoyable for the both of us. I was really happy we made time to make it happen.

In upcoming news on this project, I have between 1-8 animators/voiceactors/artists that are willing to have an interview and turn it into something interesting. I will be putting them on both newgrounds and youtube. I understand the contraversy, but its hard to figure out what to do when your working on projects already.

A few names of animators and artists/ creatives that I will be interviewing. I'm not gonna fucking tell you heheh. You gotta wait and find out. :P

I do plan to get working on the second interview within this week and most likely have another one up soon so keep you shit in and hold it until we get there.


Newgrounds Projects:

I have been trying to think up a way to hit and creative audiences of youtube to see that newgrounds is the MVP the badass of the internet for content creators and more. I have met a lot of traditional artists on a facebook group called "Artists United" That have never even heard of newgrounds. I plan to be making a video that will be about 10 min long animated mix most likely. Explaining a bit of the history and making an informational video trying to show people this community is bombtastic. Explainning who started here and is now there shit like that.

This will also be posted on both newgrounds and youtube because I'm gonna animate it and it's going to be one of my most intense projects yet.


Random Life Updates:

Not many people know or care, I fucked up not to long ago and got a DUI. Nothing bad happened I just had a big realization that recklessness is there and some people don't care at all while others care with their all. The penelty, payments and everything has made me realize how much money and time I wasted on something that could have improved my life situations and that consequences are always there. 

Other than this I have been working on alot, I am trying to quit smoking cigarrettes. I plan to be working on more projects, and drawing more often to improve my skills. I have been organizing and messaging people learning as much as I can about different subjects that interest me. And I have been working part-time for 6 years, and I have to take that step into full-time starting next week. My beautiful girlfriend and I have been working on getting our lives together and working on the hobbies we love. I would rather treat my passion as a job then a hobby, but life puts everyone in different places and says "It's your turn." then gets lucky on the gameboard and says "Sorry, Your turn has been skipped like ten times..." 

I hope anyone that reads this enjoys it. I hope all of you are having amazing days and working at where you want to be so many of you are working on honing your skills you can make that happen time and effort will pay off.