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How is this not completely 5 stars. The animation is extremely fluid, perfect timing and inbetweens. The audio is perfect in the sense of the sync up and overall movement I loved it. I feel the entire animation was perfect as if it was made in a studio great job keep at it and know we would love to see content like this more often. :) Extreme badassery good job collabing on this project and turning it into something awesome as fuck.


Needs to be a lot better. This was too short and it had almost no animation to it.

go back to youtube

Well its not the worst thing I have seen but it could be so much better. the lighting is just bad and get a better camera. Also learn how to do stop motion animation because you clearly don't know how. So just keep trying and you will get better but for now don't let the world see your crap.

MacBoxProductions responds:

You dont like the video
Dont watch the video
and let me see you do better.

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Honestly, At first people maybe skeptics and I understand some artists are using a mouse still, but if you have a bamboo or a wacom and just mess around. This game becomes extremely fun. You can mess around and play with the colors and more.

If this game got updated with some more small tweaks and extras I feel even more people would be willing to draw.

I love this game its fun as well.

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Badass great job! Seriously love the sound effects and the final finish is so damn smooth and great :D

Amazing keep up the badass work man :D

Holy shit man I'm making youtube videos a lot recently I saw this and I thought It would fit perfectly with my video. I always give credit to the artists out there I'll link your youtube and NG channel. I honestly love it I don't know the language, but me and my girlfriend were jamming man :D THANK YOU :D KEEP AT IT!!

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This is completely badass! Seriously the amount of detail and passion put in is awesome! I love the cross-hatching and design concept. Keep striving fuck the haters! You have some twisted badass art!

deathink responds:

Thanks a real lot my man. This one was extremely laborious.

This is amazing! Super badass! I can see why you would enter the Open category like this is wicked! The Color scheme and vintage look is amazing! The line work has badass flow and you gave this piece a lot of depth keep at it man!

Seeing the wips was really awesome overall great job! I love the lighting and color scheme the character design is interesting and unique badass man keep at it.

Audun-Andreas responds:

Wow thank you :o

I have a mix of talents. I know a lot of Ngers :D I love this community and work on my own projects all the time. I wish to make a business that helps all artists get a startup into their own company. :D I animate, voiceact, design, write, draw, and work

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