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It's really well done however it could use some work for sure the style is awesome and fitting. however it feels incomplete. Seriously well done though :D

joaoppereiraus responds:

Yeah, I know, it was just a simple animatic I did for the VA lol

I think the flow and feel of the camera is all great and the animation is simple however I feel that it would have felt more complete if you made her shoot it into the rim you see in the background and just peace sign or jump or something. Very well done.

Always doing awesome work and never disappointing great job!

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AWESOME!!! Great mini game, animation and art were super smooth and look awesome the pixel art is badass! The overall creation was so well done from the voice acting, music to the art. Keep striving and making awesome content.

Honestly, At first people maybe skeptics and I understand some artists are using a mouse still, but if you have a bamboo or a wacom and just mess around. This game becomes extremely fun. You can mess around and play with the colors and more.

If this game got updated with some more small tweaks and extras I feel even more people would be willing to draw.

I love this game its fun as well.

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Beautiful i love the beats and I hope you keep striving with music great job man :D Keep at it! :D

Awesome convo honestly sounds like a good time and alot of information that helps for voiceactors :) Great job to all of you!

Badass great job! Seriously love the sound effects and the final finish is so damn smooth and great :D

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This is awesome so well done amazing perspective. :) and color work.

MaskedDaichi responds:

Thank you!! I'm still learning perspective, I'm glad you liked it!!

Great job! Awesome too see the time put in and the process. Awesome color theory and bomb style.

Badass job! Great job.

I have a mix of talents. I know a lot of Ngers :D I love this community and work on my own projects all the time. I wish to make a business that helps all artists get a startup into their own company. :D I animate, voiceact, design, write, draw, and work

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